3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021

3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021 | Buy On Amazon

  • Comes with a Tack and got Double-sided adhesive in the body of the butterfly
  • It can be applied on all smooth surfaces, such as walls, doors, closets, plastic, metal, fridges, laptops, TV, cars, and so on
  • Perfect design. each one is unique and beautiful, designed with an adhesive sticker to help attach to the wall.
  • Awesome Decoration item, It has a Metallic Finish Butterfly and will make your surroundings look Premium.
  • Premium Quality material – Durable and elegant.
  • It blends well in the surroundings and gives a royal touch to your Home.
  •  It speaks on your behalf, putting a little you into your abode.
  • For more COLORS search “XTORE 3D butterfly” on amazon
  • 3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021


3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021

3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021

3d Living Room Wall Stickers India 2021

Looking for something interesting to stick on your wall, but not sure what exactly you can put on your living room wall?

How about installing some 3d realistic living room wall stickers?

Since ancient times, humans are always attached to having some artistic scriptures on their walls. Archeological facts show evidence of primitive men having figures, icons, and motifs on the walls of their homes.

Later humans became more conscious about the resources and he learned modern times art, he started painting the walls, designing various surfaces of clay tiles, cloth, and canvas. In current times wall stickers also known as wall decals, have been used as an essential option by many houses.

It is quite common to find figures of birds, trees, and other forms of decorating materials on the living room wall of people. This is actually a very simple and effective form of wall décor idea.

You can also find giant wall stickers that give a look of a window, wall, or bricks for your living room walls. The main thing about wall stickers is they look very attractive and are flexible you can change them regularly without causing damage to the wall paint. Hence, you get a chance to try a new and variety of stickers until you get a perfect match for your background.

Wall Decals transformation

Wall decals also called tattoos for walls, wall décor stickers beautify the surroundings and give a positive ambiance to the room. The modern 3D living room wall decals stickers are very satisfying and pleasing to the eyes, there are also custom-made living room wall stickers in India.

These living room wall stickers are environment-friendly and can be removed and reused multiple times. There are various types of wall stickers that are custom designed into different categories like-

  • Animals Wall stickers
  • Sport wall stickers
  • Floral wall stickers
  • Video Games wall stickers
  • Tribal wall sticker
  • Cartoon wall sticker
  • Religious wall stickers
  • Inspirational wall stickers
  • Character wall stickers

Xtore Metal 3D Shimmer Butterfly wall Sticker

These are 12 pcs 3D metallic butterflies for living room or office wall making great décor stickers. They are light-colored and blend with any background and surrounding to give a royal touch with its golden color.

They are detailed designed with a laser-cut finish, you get 24 double-sided glue dots for hassle-free sticking. The wings of the butterflies are flexible and shimmery to make an artistic family decoration. They possess mindful sizes to intensify the beauty of your living room.

These are DIY stickers and you can place them anywhere, you can ask your kids to apply them they can make incredible works out of the butterflies better than adults. The golden 3D butterfly living room wall stickers are packed individually and monitored at high standards of safety.

How to apply 3D living room wall stickers

You must be excited about the new house you bought or you’ve renovated the house and you want to decorate the wall of your living room with some 3d wall stickers. Just be alert about the characters the stickers contain because you don’t wanna end up spoiling the look of the wall by placing the stickers in the wrong way.

Here are some tips for applying:

  • Separate each of the pieces in the packet of the stickers and examine them for their shapes and sides which will go on the wall and another side that will face you.
  • Wipe the surface of the wall gently with a dry cloth to clean the dust on the wall for the stickers to apply properly. Do not rub hard on the surface to cause damage to the wall and make it uneven, this may create problems for sticking.
  • Peel off that gently the double-sided adhesive tape and stick the middle body portion of the butterfly and fluff the wings behind for shadow effect.
  • Check the manual for different design creations with the 3d living room wall sticker characters, they are in the set of 12 pieces.
  • Arrange them in a theme of the flock as they fly in you’ve renovated nature.
  • Your living room wall is ready with 3D characters appealing for attention.
  • Instead of using all the butterflies on the wall, you can also use some of these characters on a different wall or the door, wardrobe, or ceiling of the room.