Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021

Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021 | Buy On Amazon

  • Vudy standing planter pots stand are coming with metal plant stands. no, assemble needed.
  • Just take out the metal plant stand and put the apple-shaped planter planters on it.
  • metal pot for plants dimensions: 6 inches Tall and 5.9 inches diameter
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  • Heavy-duty metal plant stand: made of expertly sturdy, high-quality metal with a classic golden surface painting process used to be waterproof & rustproof.
  • The legs structure is stable and non-slip
  • vudy plant stand metal planter makes the perfect set.
  • Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021


Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021

Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021

Indoor Plant Pot & Stand Set India 2021

When it comes to buying or caring for an indoor plant pot, some people are having a green thumb but others are even capable of killing a cactus plant.

People often get impressed with the indoor plants they see in their offices or houses of their relatives or friends and they rush to the plant shop and buy and stand set that looks pretty. Indoor plants pot and stand sets are different from the ones we keep outside the house in gardens.

We do understand your hesitation going on within you of becoming a successful indoor plant parent, every one of us loves to fill our space with the best of the indoor plant pot and stand set for them.  But we all have a fear that we might end up with dead foliage with us in a few days.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having plants and some regular care tips ideally for all species and we will recommend an indoor plant pot and stand set in India for beginners.

Indoor Plant pot and stand Set India 2021

Vudy manufactures metal stands for indoor plant pots, premium quality design, and crafted very creatively. The indoor plant pot and stand set make more of a showpiece than a plant pot, with its textured design and stable durable stand.

Just place the pot on the stand once you fill it with soil and plant, portable and apple-shaped pot is attractive and ideal for keeping in the bathroom, living room, bedroom, coffee table, or even in your windows. The material is weather-resistant and 6 inches deep and 5.9 inches wide, which has ample space for small to medium flower plants.

Using an indoor plant pot and stand set makes it very portable and space saver for your house, the pot planter, and stand reflect minimalism inspired by the classic mid-century style and match your home decoration by pairing with a variety of plants fig, cactus, or snake plants.

How to care for Indoor Plants?

Plants always need good care to survive but a newbie for indoor plants often tend to over-care for their plants, such watering more than the required amount, exposing too much to sunlight, touching the plant all the time, adjusting the soil in the indoor plant pot, and stand set, or even some repot the plant when they see its match growing nicely, these are easy and common ways to kill a plant.

We have heard every time that plants need light, fertilizers for extra nutrients, it is fact but the sunlight should be adequately warm, you can stand in your window and feel how hot the sunlight is during the day time. You should be able to estimate at what time your room light is warm enough for your plant.

When it comes to watering you can water twice a day that would be enough and spraying water on the leaves and stem once a day is ideal for healthy indoor plants.

From online and offline gardening books and walking to a shop for chatting about the stuff and talking to people who have parented indoor plant pot and stand set, you can keep on learning more about plant care.


Indoor plants pot and stand sets are beneficial for everyone who keeps them, some of the scientifically proven benefits are-

Reduce stress level – Indoor plants are found to keep you more relaxed, comfortable, and more natural in your behavior. When compared between repotting a plant and completing a computer task, volunteers were more relaxed working with plant and soil but those with the computer task had a spike in heart rate and blood pressure. Real indoor plants also help to sharpen your attention and make you more caring and satisfied.

Improve indoor air quality – Indoor plants pot and stand set help in improving the air quality in a closed room, this was proved in an experiment from NASA when they concluded the roots and soil of the houseplants reduced the airborne volatile organic compounds in a sealed spacecraft.

Make you more productive – It is found that with plants around the productivity and creativity of people is boosted than those working in the non-green environment.