Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021

Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021 | Buy On Amazon

  • Material: Polyresin, Color: Golden
  • Package Contents: 1 Idol
  • Item Size: 15 cm x 7.5 cm x 20 cm
  • Pride of Make in India
  • Everyone wants perfect peace of mind that’s free from ignorance, greed, hatred, and other afflictive states.
  • Buddha has always been a great symbol of peace. 
  • The idol is made of premium quality polyresin and has been designed beautifully.
  • This statue has been enthusiastically handcrafted and colored by skilled artisans
  • Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021


Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021

Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021

Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021

Are you also planning for getting a Buddha idol statue for your home in India 2021? Buddha’s enlightenment has brought peace and success in the lives of many people.

People always want to keep the positive energy and serenity in their houses, because everyone wants a home where they can have a good peaceful sleep at night. Peace is a mind state that is directly connected to the energy that is present in our living space.

So a palm Buddha idol statue in India will bring prosperity, mental calmness, and positive energy around you and your loved ones.

Gautam Buddha, a symbol of Buddhism and has inspired the art of sculptures for centuries. Buddha has excelled in his role from being a religious icon to more of a symbol for inner peace. Many of us want to bring the symbol of peace in our house, but do you know that how significant it is to place the statue or idol in the right place.

Golden handcrafted Palm Buddha Idol Statue India 2021  

Everyone wants peace of mind which is free from ignorance, hatred, greed, fear, stress and another emotional state of mind. For centuries Buddha has been a representation of completeness and inspiration.

This Palm Buddha idol statue from eCraft India is made up of premium quality polyresin and magnificently designed. The statue is completely handcrafted enthusiastically and painted by skilled artisans of eCraftIndia using conventional techniques. The design is a pride in itself elegant and attractive with a smooth finish.

The statue contains the face of Gautam Buddha crafted on a palm, it is so much more than a decorative showpiece it represents the life and teachings to be implemented in everyday life for a better living. It can attract anyone visiting your house or office but this has to be placed in an appropriate place as per the beliefs to maximize the power and energy even from a minimalistic statue.

The showpiece is 20x15x7.5 cm in size, 225 grams lightweight, and has a flat stable placing base and according to the rituals this idol offers energy and vibes like other statues. But the palm Buddha idol head statue is not a traditional pose and has no historic significance connected to the life of Buddha, but it is gaining a lot of attention mainly as an art form. Generally, every form of Buddha’s statue indicates something, it is said that the head of Buddha signifies his self-knowledge.

Perhaps, this is a contemporary art form of presentation of Buddha unlike other specific poses such as meditating, praying, reclining, etc. there are no such hard and fast rules for keeping this type of statue. Although there is no such rule for placing places like the bathroom, storeroom, laundry rooms or any such places should be avoided.

Important points while placing Buddha Idol Statue in India 2021

The position of Buddha is iconic when placed for home décor and spirituality, he is such a deity who is followed by any religion without any restrictions, the placing of the statue of the idol of peace these points are to be assured-

  • Never place a Buddha’s statue directly on the floor.
  • The position of any position of the statue should be ideally at eye level or above.
  • Never place a statue of Buddha near any large appliances, they can block the positive vibes.
  • The face of the idol should be facing inside of a room, for the energy to flow in.
  • The face of the Buddha statue should be in the east direction, you can also place it in the northeast direction for nourishing the energy of the corner.
  • Spaces around the statue should be clean and tidy.
  • Regularly clean the idol to avoid any dust settling on the statue and spoiling the appearance.
  • The palm Buddha idol statue should never be kept in the bathroom, storeroom, or laundry.


With the guide instructions given in this article about the palm Buddha idol statue India 2021, we have tried to explain some important placement positions of the idol for peace and utilize its best potential.

We have included the head statue of the palm Buddha idol statue India for the position of the place, each Buddha statue has different placement techniques for houses